Granny's original nonsense

Having read in more than one place that handwash soapflakes are the Thing to go with when washing handknits, I had a look in the supermarket (which had an unimpressive selection) and eventually couldn't resist buying this.

Two things to note. Firstly that this whole brand is clearly desperately trying to imply that it's been around for 50 years and has a granny-tried-and-tested pedigree. And maybe it does, but do you see "granny's favourite since 1953" anywhere on the box, which would be my method of verification would that it were true? Hmm. And secondly, see the terrifyingly '50s-housewife-perfect lady depicted on the front? Whose grandmother looks like that? Please do provide evidence to the contrary, but I like to think that this particular branding choice is all about harking back to a long-lost lifestyle option, and was actually conceived in 2004.

I shouldn't be so mean, though, because it claims to be fragrance-free, which it is, and also that it's delicate on wool, which (admittedly after just the one wash) is true so far. The whole purchasing thing was inspired by my Salina jumper being all saggy and shapeless around the shoulders after the last time I washed it. So I thought I may as well wash it again, and this time paid much more attention to laying it out flat and carefully patting down the shoulders, and now it fits like a dream again. Reshape while damp indeed.