presents and all good things

Oooo look what I did! I have signed up to the latest Secret Pal (and thank you to Jennifer, who I shamelessly copied). I've always wanted to do one of these. I have chosen exactly the wrong time to join it, as I'll be moving at least twice during the next four months, but I do have one stable address for all that time and hopefully my Secret Pal will be understanding. It's such a sweet idea (the Internet can be a strangely lovely place, at times) and I'm already thinking about what items I can send to my Pal. Spoiling random strangers with knitting goodies! Excitement!

In other news, the silk raglan beauty is coming along nicely. It's had a little hiatus over the last week but I fully expect to recharge it this weekend. Perhaps some photos of its progress soon, if you like. Must not get addicted to knitting with silk though or I will actually be moving out onto the street (albeit kitted out in a stylish range of cosy hand-knits, natch).