but does it make me a bad person?

I have a confession to make.

I'm moving soon, you see, so I'm currently in the middle of a packing/house-clearing jag. And lots of stuff has gone or is going to charity (or those clothes-recyling bins), and earlier I... put my first ever knitted jumper into the charity bag. It was a heart-wrenching decision, honestly. But I really am trying to purge my belongings, and while that jumper was a huge milestone, knitting-wise, it's also an item that I haven't worn once since I made it which is boxy, heavy, and really truly unflattering. Was I right to do it? Oh well, too late now, anyway.

On a happier note, look what's blocking on my very-home-made blocking board right now! (a tiny note of cheer amongst the chaos of my packing)

A tiny tiny tanktop! There's a reason for knitting a tanktop for this particular newborn baby, rather than, say, the traditional booties. But I'll go into that when it's finished. In the meantime it just cheers me up by existing, and being so goddamn cute.

ETA: Oops, I meant to say first, thank you so much for all the lovely encouraging comments on my somewhat-altered somewhat cowl. You've all reassured me that I made the right call.

ETA2: Eek, la glitz has guilted me into another addition. The jumper's still in the bag by the front door, and won't actually be taken to the charity recyling place until Saturday. It's this jumper here, and probably contains about five and a half skeins of Rowanspun Chunky. So, if anyone reading is weeping at the thought of me binning all that 100 per cent wool and fidgeting in their chair thinking of all the fabulous things they could make with it, comment here and it can be yours! I'd be delighted to post the jumper to someone who'd rip out the yarn and reuse it in something better. In the unlikely event that any of you fancy it it'll be first come first served, but comment before Saturday or it'll be too late.

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