Secret Pals and Somewhat Cowls

Everything's going nicely on the SP9 exchange. I have my spoilee and have been merrily nosing around her blog. And my very own SP has said hello, too, *waves at SP*. All rather lovely and friendly, albeit still slightly strange to me. BUt, hello, PRESENTS. And meeting two new people. What's not to like?

Things not going quite so nicely on the Somewhat Cowl. A week and a half ago I'd finished everything (ends woven in and everything!) except the cowl, and was half an inch or so into that. Now I am, wait for it.. about two inches into the cowl. Out of six. Gah. Finding posts like this (which is far from alone) dissing the finished product hasn't helped my atitude much either (what if it looks AWFUL? what a WASTE! honestly, I might have to cry). I should really do blog searches on projects either before or very much after I've made the one in question. Searching during a project always brings up more negative vibes than good ones, and throws me into a spiralling crisis of confidence. Ho hum. I should have an uninterrupted weekend ahead, and I very much intend to finish it, finally, regardless of how gloomy I am about the ultimate product. Does everyone have these down moments about a garment they've spent weeks lovingly working on? Hmm. Hopefully it will actually still be fabulous. *crosses fingers, very tightly*

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