yarn shops and pals and knits and things

La la la, I have just booked the final place for a talk by Debbie Bliss at the gorgeous Stash Yarns in a couple of weeks. I haven't mentioned it before but my current living place (which is only until January) is fantastically close to Stash Yarns. I haven't been able to take advantage of this yet because I've been away at weekends (and in the evenings have agonisingly gone past it on the bus... after it has shut), but soon I will be spending some happy hours there rooting around and finding new exciting yarns that aren't available anywhere else in London. And am very intrigued to see what Debbie says and has to show us -- I've had mixed experiences with her patterns, but no doubt it'll be interesting to hear her talk.

I bought my first few gifts for my Secret Pal spoilee at the weekend, and am currently steeling myself to actually post them (I so want to keep them for myself, but I musn't!). I'd post pictures of them here (particularly the yarn, which is just gorgeous) but will resist on the tiny chance that my spoilee stumbles/has stumbled across my blog and works out the connection.

But the yarn is so lovely. Sigh.

In my own knitting news, I saw Maisie modelling her tanktop today, and she was super-cute in it. I'm also at the very start of a Ribby Cardi (half a sleeve done at the weekend, although I've not had a chance to touch it since). No pictures yet (internet access at my new place v. limited), but I'll just say that doing a chunky (yet elegant) winter knit at this time of year is good for the soul. So soothing and satisfying, and fast.