LOOK! Look what I came home to last night!

Are you ahhing at the fine range of confectionery there? Oohing at the Lush bathbomb? Jealous of the sock blocker? Or simply sighing at that absolutely gorgeous sock yarn? (makeup unknown -- any hints, SP?)

Or are you, much as I was, wondering what the bee is in aid of? I have to confess, friends, I found that particular little goody in my bag of treats and couldn't quite work out what it was. Something just ornamental, perhaps? A little strange, but fair enough. But oh no. It's much much more. See!

It's all absolutely fabulous and I am enjoying being part of this secret pal exchange SO MUCH. Thank you Secret Pal!

PS I know my updates are few and far between at the moment. This mostly driven by a distinct lack of internet access at my current abode. Normal service only resumes when I'm resident at my lovely boyfriend's home (getting the picture onto blogger involved a long chain of technology, from my camera and laptop at home and care of a USB memory stick). However you're not missing much because I'm still only three-quarters of the way through the second sleeve of my Ribby Cardi. Knitting is taking a bit of a backseat to a hectic work and social life at the moment, but I do hope to make some progress soon.