Raspberry Koigu cables -- December 2006

Check out my Christmas socks! I LOVE them! They are very very satisfying and possibly my favourite knit to date.

The first sock, to be fair, had a reasonable number of false starts. The first when I managed to again ruin the short-row toe, and the second when I reluctantly realised that it was Just. Too. Big.

And yet I don't understand because I swatched. In the round. And yet the gauge in my swatch was entirely different to the gauge on the actual sock. The only logical explanation is that I inadvertently swatched on 2mm needles instead of 2.5, but wow am I actually that dumb? It is possible, of course.

Look though, look! See the left-slanting cable on one foot and the right-slanting cable on the other? The grafted cast-off? (god how I adore the grafted cast-off) That delicious COLOUR? (which doesn't properly translate to web photos, but believe me it is even more tasty in reality)

It's amazing how a good sock has the ability to cheer. These, unlike my unhappy green ribbed socks, fit with exactly the right level of snugness, stretch and comfort. The four-stitch cabled rib is brilliant; elegant and hugging but with plenty of stretch. It's a bastardised version of Amelia's slip-stitch cable pattern for her Spindle socks -- I shrunk it down a bit and used the left-slanting half on one sock and the right-slanting one for the other. And it's taught me that doing a toe-up sock in the correct size means that a short-row heel gives plenty of room -- I was planning to try a toe-up gusset heel because that last pair of socks had convinced me I had giant ankles, but realised when I reached that point in the sock that there was no need. Hurrah!

Seriously though, how do people knit socks at speed when they don't have a week off work in which to knit almost solidly? These took me nine days of lots of knitting and rather a lot less of other activities (with eating too much, drinking a bit, and happy Christmas times making up most of those).

Details: Toe-up slip-stitch cabled socks socks with short-row toe and heel, knitted in Koigu KPM on 2.5mm and 2mm double-pointed bamboo needles.

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