In-the-pink back on track

Check it out! OK, it's been two three months since my last post, but look! That, baby, is a knitted on body hem. Not just a cuff hem, ohhh no.

Now, I started the body back in June. It's 202 stitches around, and I really wasn't feeling the love as I inched, painfully, through the hem. I picked it up, I put it down. I knitted a row. I put it in the cupboard. I felt the guilt and knitted two rows. Etc. But once I'd turned the hem and knitted past it a few weeks ago I was suddenly feeling it all brilliantly again. Plus it's autumn, and knitting in autumn is just so utterly lovely, isn't it? Cosying up on the sofa with the radio or the TV while contently knitting onwards is a recipe for happiness (especially when you're sharing the moment with someone especially lovely).

But I know what you're thinking: 'Sure, she's got past the hem, but what does it all mean?' Right?

Here you go. Still, granted, a fair way to go. But I am making progress! I'm still deciding on what I'll do with the neckline, but I think I have some grace time before that decision becomes critical.

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