Noah -- December 2007 - January 2008

What's better than one baby elephant?

This is Noah (slightly arbitrarily named, but I didn't want to have two Elijahs). Neither photo shows the colour properly but he's kind of mint-green, and could probably have been so all over but I was wary of running out of yarn so used some scraps left over from elephant #1 and gave him blue feet. I think it works, don't you?

Elijah was transported to Essex and given to his new owner at the weekend, and Noah was put in the post today and despatched to Vietnam where a friend of mine has some contacts in an orphanage and a children's hospice. I quite like the fact that they've gone to such wholly different countries, but that the children on both sides still like toys to cuddle at night. I hope that this little guy brings a little cheer to someone who deserves it.

Details: As before, Elijah by Ysolda, knitted in RYC Cashsoft Baby DK on 3mm bamboo double-pointed needles.

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