Happy 2010!

Another lovely Christmas spent at home with family, too much food, and lots of knitting (no cats now though, alas -- I'm glad that one at least has been featured in this blog from time to time). I hope you all had lovely holiday seasons too.

Here's a thing. D'you know what's handy when you're a knitter? Having a mother who makes jewellery. Two examples for you.

1. This nifty bit of metalwork features on the front of my Percy bag (which, yes, is finished! maybe a blog post at some point!) and also handily covers the clasp I used. Mum came up with a particularly ingenious solution for me here and it works beautifully.

2. Stitchmarkers! Made to request and within mere hours of me musing aloud "hmm... if only I had a few more stitchmarkers with me... err, Mum?" Aren't they ace? The first is onyx and jade, and the second is (I think) opal and new jade. I have two of each.

(And ah, yes, those stitchmarker pictures give you a sneak preview of my 2009 Christmas project -- not something self-completing this Christmas, but rather a decent headstart on my version of Eunny Jang's Venezia -- a pattern I've adored from afar since it was published, right up until Interweave Knits started selling it online for download, woohoo!)

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